Sonia is very pleased to announce that she will be working out of Ashborne Beauty every Monday from 13th April 2015!!!

If you would like to book a Reflexology treatment please contact Sonia on 07771 562491, message on facebook or email at

Ashborne Beauty is located at The Old Bakery, London Road, Dereham (formerly Nadine’s Bridal).

Taster Reflexology Sessions for staff at Broadland Housing Group.

Wow what an amazing week!!

I was invited with other therapists to visit Broadland Housing Group in Norwich and Dereham to carry out taster reflexology sessions on their staff as part of a Wellness Week ‘Challenge to Change’.

What a wonderful bunch of people, some had tried reflexology before and some had not. A fantastic opportunity for all and very well received…….26 pairs of feet and 2 pairs of hands!!

It was a marvellous experience, and one I hope to repeat again next year.

Why Reflexology? From the AoR

Why Reflexology? Video by the AoR

Watch this video!!

Published on 23 Jul 2014

Why Reflexology? video from the Association of Reflexologists the home of Reflexology.

The Association of Reflexologists is the foremost aspirational and independent Professional Association for reflexology in the UK since 1984, providing benefits, advice and guidance to reflexologists and working with other external bodies and advisory groups to promote the highest standards in the profession.

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A warm AoR welcome to our first celebrity supporter: Susie Amy

We are very proud to have the actress Susie Amy as our first celebrity supporter. Susie has been in many plays, film and TV series including 71 degrees North but is probably still best known for her role as Chardonnay in Football’s wives back in 2002.

Susie came to reflexology by way of Wentworth golf course, before eventually finding one of our members for her regular sessions! She has a regular blog where she discusses all things beauty and health related at

Here we ask her a few questions:

Susie, it’s wonderful that you’d like to become a supporter of the AoR! How did you first become interested in reflexology?
I had reflexology for the first time about ten years ago, with David Alexander who worked
at Wentworth Club. I had reiki sessions with him, too. David could change my state of
mind in an hour! Luckily, when David moved on, I met Paolo who works from Neville’s
salon. He has become a friend as well as my reflexologist. He has taught me a lot, and is a
very passionate and knowledgeable man.

How did you hear about the AoR?
I heard about the AoR from my reflexologist Paolo, who is a member of the AoR. I am
about to start studying reflexology, so he answered many of my questions. I actually
feel that I have a step up from a complete beginner as I am so well informed!

Did anyone in your family have an interest in holistic therapies when you were
growing up?
Not especially when growing up; I was the first person in my family to be especially
interested in wellbeing. My mother was a parent that fully encouraged healthy eating
and being active.

She herself has always been physically fit. An actor’s life is very stressful – how do you relax?

Treatments, reflexology, exercise, I’m very good at relaxing in a treatment. When I pick up a book at home, my mind often wanders to my ‘to-do list’ – and yet in a treatment, or often when I’m exercising – I manage to totally relax. 
It sounds like keeping fit and healthy is important to you, then! How do you do it?
I vary my exercise. I swim, run, do yoga and pilates. I’m glad that I’ve grown to love running
so much – I was touring with a play last year – and it’s something that you can do anywhere. I
do have to say, though, that I can go through phases of doing very little at all.

Tell us a bit about your blog.
I started my website in 2011. It’s a place that I talk about beauty, health
and fitness – and often wander off of those topics too. They are very much my areas of
interest and knowledge; I often wish that I had worked somewhere within that field.

Do you have some interesting upcoming projects that you can talk about? You
mentioned that you will be starting a course in reflexology this year…
Yes – I’ve just started a course at Guildford’s Nature Care College! I started my training in
November and I am really enjoying the practical side – I find it utterly fascinating. I bought my
chair and have been practicing on all of my friends and family! Because I’m working
alongside training, it will take me a little while to qualify but I’m hoping to so by October.
In February 2014 I’m starting a brand new play called The Mummy. It’s a silly comedy – I’m
really looking forward to starting it. I’m working with Jason Durr and an old friend of mine Denis
Lill. We are rehearsing in London and Coventry and then embarking on a 3 month national tour.
I have Sundays and Mondays off which are my reflexology training days, so I can keep learning
and no doubt become very tired! I’m planning to practise on my cast mates- although they
don’t know it yet!