Crippled athlete becomes fitness model after reflexology

Crippled athlete to fitness model: Reflexology cures man’s debilitating back injury

INTERNATIONAL track and field athlete Steve Watson was left crippled after a horrific sports injury, but alternative medicine has left him fighting fit.

The 22-year-old discus thrower had his 2016 Olympic dream smashed after he injured his spinal discs during training.

Steve, from Hemel Hempstead, also suffered severe muscle damage to the lower back and was left unable to bend, and barely able to move without assistance.

“I was performing a deadlift with 260kg. As I began to pull the weight I heard a crack from my lower back – that was it,” said Steve.

In constant pain and unable to exercise, the buff sports star, who was based at Loughborough University, hit rock bottom.

The injury meant that all his hard work would go to waist and his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete looked bleak.

“When the injury hit it was devastating,” he said.

“When you work so hard for something only to see it disappear was incredibly demoralising.”

For 18 frustrating months, Steve would undergo physician guidance to try and repair the muscle and bone damage, but with very little progress and still very limited mobility.

“The biggest struggle during this time was not being able to be active and exercise,” he said.

“Sport was always such a huge part of my life”.

Then in October last year his life changed for the better after he was introduced to reflexology.

“I started working for sports supplement company LA Muscle who introduced me to an in house reflexology expert working there at the time,” said Steve.

“We began treatment and within two weeks the pain was considerably better, and within a month it was gone.”

“I would strongly recommend alternative treatments to anyone ”

Steve Watson

Steve was able to get back to the gym and has even become a fitness model and inspirational bodybuilder.

“I’ve always loved the weights room and being part of a company like LA Muscle inspired me to go down the fitness route, and become a natural bodybuilder,” he said.

Reflexology is an alternative Eastern medicine that manipulates various parts of the feet and hands, which corresponds directly with other parts of the body and clears blocked energy and the build up of toxins.

Steve said: “Like many, prior to the reflexology treatment I was a real sceptic, and now I’m kicking myself for not trying it much earlier following my injury.

“I would strongly recommend alternative treatments to anyone who has been let down by conventional treatment.

“It totally worked for me and if it worked on me it can work on anyone.” S

Steve is now undergoing a strict lifestyle regime to maintain his ripped physique. This consists of a restrictive diet and intense weight and cardio training.