Latest update from the Government and the Association of Reflexologists.

Now for some good news……..The Association contacted all its members this week to share the following information:

“The very excellent news is that although we now seem to be under a new category, that of personal care (which includes close contact services in the definition), there will be NO restrictions on the provision of reflexology across the whole current tier system (tiers 1-3) on the condition that there are Covid-19 transmission prevention processes in place. Travel between tiers is also allowed for work purposes.
Under this new plan, education and training are also allowed in all 3 tiers so reflexology courses can continue. Travel between tiers is also allowed for educational purposes.
We are happy to see the clarity of this most recent Government guidance and trust that our letters to the Prime Minister, confirmed by similar communications from the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative, has prompted the Government to provide consistent and precise advice for close contact services across all the tiers.”

I look forward to seeing you despite the tiers and to provide continuous reflexology for the foreseeable future.

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